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We will know we have collectively put Edmonton on a new and exciting path when voter turnout exceeds 50%. We have a lot of work to do. But, we are in this for the long term. This profound central goal depends on more people getting more engaged and those who have never had much of an interest in City Hall rolling up their sleeves. TAPYEG is not a reorganization of those embedded in the institution today. TAPYEG is for you.


 We are clear, direct, and do what we say we will do.


This is a form of transparency Edmontonians are not used to. TAPYEG’s values, priorities, and actionable ideas will be collectively stated and openly shared before the next election. We believe in mutual accountability. Us, you, the administration, and the mayor and council. We will be transparent about our vision to build Edmonton and you can help us shape it.


Never doubt our entrepreneurial enthusiasm and willingness to be creative, move with courage, engage differently, and accept that it takes risk to achieve great things.


Our role is to think differently, demand real answers, and take definitive action. We formed TAPYEG to influence the future of our city. The action-orientated dimension of TAPYEG will appeal to those who are the most ambitious, curious, and willing to follow us down a new  path. It is critically necessary for all of us to embrace change in a real sense if Edmonton is going to mature beyond what it is today.


Mediocrity is politically safe but it is not right. How can we be a city of innovators if City Hall itself is resistant to change?


We are not interested in trying what has been tried before or talking about what has been talked about before. The basis of an effective partnership is always new ideas. More courage and less excuses. Our most effective partners are those that do, not those that talk about doing. TAPYEG values partnerships that will have a tangible impact, bring the region together, and let the experts be the experts.

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