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A Municipal Development Corp

A Municipal Development Corp
June 2024

TAPYEG will form Edmonton’s first Municipal Development Corporation (MDC). How many more reports do we need on the same subject? None. How much more money should the taxpayer lose because of inaction? None. There have been too many missed opportunities. The politicians at City Hall have proven they should not be in the development business - Blatchford, West Rossdale, the Quarters, Coliseum. These are all examples showing virtually no progress at great expense to you.


Edmontonians deserve to earn revenue from the land the City owns and an MDC, owned by Edmontonians, led by experts, and governed independent of mayor and council will enable meaningful development on City owned land. The MDC will meet the needs of our community and the active development industry. TAPYEG’s MDC will creatively partner with anyone who wants to build our city.


There are many examples of well-established MDC’s in Canada. Here are a few:


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