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Value for Your Tax Investment

Value for Your Tax Investment
April 2024

1. TAPYEG will lower taxes in the first 100 days in government

  • Residential taxes will reduce from 0.85% to 0.68% of property value, a reduction from the new 2024 tax rate of ~20%

  • Non-residential taxes will reduce from 2.2% to 1.8% of property value, a reduction of ~18.5%

2. TAPYEG will conduct a plebiscite to redefine core services, define service standards and assess the value of all other services and programs the City currently offers.


3. TAPYEG will fix the budget for redefined core services to ensure we achieve the service standards Edmontonians expect every year.


4. TAPYEG will reduce or eliminate funding of the services and programs that Edmontonians have determined create the least value in order to ensure we balance the budget without depending on never-ending tax increases.


5. TAPYEG will then undertake necessary organizational and operational changes to right-size the City.

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